How to take the best
pics of Uyuni

The landscape of the Bolivian Salt Flats is one of the most breathtaking scenes on earth. This otherworldly terrain provides the perfect opportunity for you to leave your followers in instagram in complete awe of your travels. With some planning and a little bit of imagination, you can create completely unique and interesting photos. With such an array of photo opportunities ranging from the sunset reflecting off “the world’s largest mirror” to perspective pictures, the Bolivian Salt Flats are any photographer’s paradise. The flat horizon allows for the creation of the illusion that objects that are closer to the camera appear much larger than they are. The same concept can be applied to make objects that are further away from the camera appear miniscule. An astonishing photoshoot is at your fingertips if you follow some of these simple guidelines:

Take as many pictures as possible! You will always have the option to delete photos but you may never get the chance to come back to this incredible place and take more. Deciding which shots are good and which aren’t can be difficult at the time as the sun makes the screen difficult to see.

When you’re taking your pictures, make sure that there is nothing but you, your props and the landscape visible. You don’t want any cars or other people ruining your money-shot!

It can be very difficult to capture the perfect picture while holding the camera, unless you have very steady hands. A great tip is to take your pictures while resting your camera on the ground in order to keep everything in focus.

Be as creative and adventurous as possible while taking your photos. Even the smallest of props can be used to capture imaginative perspective photos. Props used in the past include toy animals, bottles and saucepans!

While taking perspective photos, the further back the subject of the photo goes, the smaller it will appear. Be careful as to not allow the object in the photo to become unfocused as it is moved further and further backwards!

If you’re struggling to think of ways to take interesting photos on the salt flats, search examples on google for some inspiration! It would be a shame to go home and regret not haven taken photos that you only thought of afterwards.


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