From Argentina

While tours of the Bolivian Salt Flats begin at three different locations: Uyuni in Bolivia, San Pedro do Atacama in Chile and Tupiza in Bolivia, Tupiza is most definitely the best starting point while traveling from Argentina. Uyuni is also a common option for those who only wish to do a one-day tour of the salt flats.

The majority of people who travel from Argentina to Bolivia leave from Salta. Unfortunately, there are no direct buses from Salta or any major city in Argentina to Tupiza or Uyuni. The solution to this problem is getting a bus from Salta to the neighboring town of La Quiaca. Depending on where you want to go, you can then catch a bus from here to either Tupiza or Uyuni. You may have another bus booked for when you cross the border. If this is the case, allow for plenty of time to cross the border. It is known for being notoriously slow and tedious. It is advisable to buy your bus tickets in Villazón. This is the town just beyond the border on the Bolivian side. There are also 5 or 9 day tours offered by some agencies from Salta to Uyuni which include transport, food and accomodation.


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